It is possible to earn 15 thousand to one lakh per month by working 2-3 hours in a Week

You may be wondering how is this possible? I would say it’s definitely possible. Today, many people in India and Bangladesh are making such an amount of money using digital technology.

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How is it possible to make so much money?

Today we all use various online applications including Facebook, WhatsApp and Ticket. Facebook earns five lakhs per second! Amazon earns three lakh fifty thousand per second! Google earns three lakh eighty thousand per second. There are millions of websites and applications like this in the world. We are basically going to discuss the process of earning with Facebook and Google.

What is the source of income?

When you use different websites or applications, you will see banners of different companies being displayed. And you know exactly how much a company spends on advertising.

And if you have such a website or application you can earn money by putting banners like this.

How much money is possible to earn?

If any one clicks on the advertising banner you put in your website, you can get 7-70 or more. If you get one hundred clicks a day, your income will be at least a thousand bucks a day, ie thirty thousand bucks a month! That is easily possible, and will continue to grow day by day. At one time it goes beyond one lakh and beyond.

What is the problem in this case?

The problem is 1. Technology is the main problem: you can’t build a website or application.

2. Lack of time: You don’t have time because you have a job or business or you are a student or preparing for a job so you have to study a lot.

But there is a solution inside the problem. For example, if your website or application is study related, or it is related to your profession. Then you can do very well in both side.

And we will create your website or blog, help you until you can make money

What is the cost to start this business?

Like any business, this business requires investment. Here you have to buy domain, hosting, etc. There are also costs of developers and marketing.

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